“Life isn’t perfect but Your feet can be….”


Gehwol Med Pedicure is designed for the clients with an elevated level of cracked skin and callus build up. The milling machine is used during the procedure. Relaxing massage  gentle foot mobilization is incorporated within the treatment too. Med Pedicure leave feet feeling  relaxed ,cleansed, refreshed, and rehydrated.

  • Help to reper the craked skin
  • Improve nail health
  • Prevent infections  by proper nail , cuticule cleanse and clipping
  • Promote blood circulation through massage and  active maks ingredience
  • It makes Your feet looking Yonger and fresh
  • Help to reduce back pain. When build up of the calluses cause pain body naturaly change the body weight distribution which may lead to lower back pain in result to that shift.
  • Improve mental health  pedicure can bring the feeling of deep relaxation after a busy week, stimulation of the reflex point on the feet during pediure help to relese tension from Your viscera area also.

What is involved in a LUXURY pedicure?

  1. Gehwol Disinfection Lotion feet spray
  2. Gehwol Herbal Bath soak 5 min.
  3. Calluse softening Foam on cuticules rough sking, calluses, thicker calluses are treated with callus alcaline solution
  4. Nail cuticule care with milling machine along with dry skin and calluse removal.
  5. Lotion Spray onto legs and feet followed by Soft Feet Scrub massage to exfoliate and prepare the skin for Gehwol Leg Vitality moisturising mask.( for faster absorbtion skin is wraped with special foil for 5 min )
  6. Nail Oil on nail bed and cuticules massage
  7. Application of Gehwol special mask for cracked skin to affected areas/ or mask as required
  8. Leg and feet massage followed by gentle feet mobilisation
  9. Gehwol Lipidro cream application to entire foot to restore and deep hydrate the skin on Your feet.
  10. Nail painting optional.

What our Customer Say


Angelika Sosin

Happy Customer

Great, professional service all of sorts from the eye browse through sugaring to the massages. Try and you won't regret it. Highly recommended! 😊❤️

Barbara Wiatrowska

Happy Customer

Highly recommend Angie. Great and professional service. The atmosphere is always lovely and so relaxed 😘Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Anna Wiatrowska

Happy Customer

Great service and huge selection of services available! Have been getting my eyebrows done by Angie for years and trust her 100% to do a fantastic job.

Patten Kehsii

Happy Customer

I've been with Angie before and was again recently after some health issues. I'd highly recommend Angie as she very good at massages healing.

Ewa Rykiel

Happy Customer

100% of satisfaction. After every massage with Angie, I feel like a different person renewed and relaxed. I cannot wait to go back again.

Lynda Jane Watson

Happy Customer

Highly recommend Angie. Always a professional service in comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Wouldn't go anywhere else.