“NMT – ” It is a manual therapy that works””

Neuromuscular Therapy NMT ​ 

Benefits of neuromuscular therapy :

How do NMT works?

Neuromuscular Therapy treatment focuses on re-educating contracted muscle tissue, deactivating trigger points, releasing any myofascial adhesions and compensation–holding patterns, and decreasing pain.  In most cases, dysfunctional patterns were developed over time or as a result of trauma because of this a series of treatments are recommended per week to allow the tissue to learn to remember the new way of functional movement.  It is recommended to have one session a week for 3-4 sessions so the body can remember the new pain-free and improved mobility patterns.

Neuromuscular therapy is a form of soft tissue massage that aims to alleviate chronic muscle and nervous system disorders. It is mainly used to release trigger points, improve circulation, to treat nerve compression, postural problems, and repetitive movement injuries. The main aim is o find the source of pain and alleviate it.

What is the difference – NMT vs deep tissue massage?

Deep Tissue massage’s main focus is solely to relieve the tension of stiff muscle, and tendons and alleviate pain, can be an occasional therapy when the client is under stress or just want to relax or when the muscle gets tight from workouts.

 NMT  is more of medical treatment for a specific condition or injury that needs to be done in a few sessions to allow the body to slowly adjust to new movement patterns and to re-educate muscles, During NMT session therapist carries out detailed medical consultation,  then muscle testing and postural assessment to do the treatment plan for the individual condition of the patient. During NMT sessions therapist uses a combination of different techniques including soft tissue- fascia release, the position of ease, sports massage, trigger point therapy, and other techniques which are necessary for specific conditions.

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